Stock Market Education

Promotion is the key factor in what form of Stock Market Education you will first get acquainted with.

Is necessarily the most advertised Stock Market Education Provider the best? It is quite obvious that individual traders who are willing to mentor or teach others cannot compete with big trading firms on a level playing field…they have the resources to make the best-looking websites and pay expensive adds across the media.

In my view these companies provide high quality training but no student can become better than their tutor. If you look at the yearly trading results of most of these companies which are usually published to impress the reader you can draw a clear conclusion that they are very conservative traders. They are after steady yearly returns. They put through thousands of trades and are overall profitable.

Well, 20% to a 100% yearly return is quite profitable but unless you have huge trading capital as they do it will not change your life significantly. And you will be trading almost daily over the course of the year to get the same results.

Typically their courses are quite expensive, in the region of thousands.

I have been very interested in market education ever since I trade. I have bought several copyright protected trading strategies. In 2007 I enrolled on a one year program with a big company founded by a world renowned trader who regularly appeared on mayor American financial channels. The course cost £3000 and it would have cost 4000 pounds more if I stayed for his Master Trader course. I learned a reasonable mediocre trend strategy but also felt deceived a bit … the entry stage of the course was way overpriced for what it was! I do not know what his Master Course would have been worth but come on!!!? 7000 pounds?


A potential pitfall stemming from naive judgement of the quality of service

You come across all sorts of trading education providers or just individuals speaking into a quality video camera with nice and persuasive websites who are nothing more than crooks… People who make a living by dishonestly promising what they cannot deliver are not deserved to be called anything else.

Obviously individual traders are not regulated and they do not need to be, they just educate and are not authorised to give financial advice. This is not what I am talking about.

How can you avoid these self proclaimed geniuses? The least you should do is look at some basic facts:

  1. Do they have a company with a telephone number and physical address?
  2. Do they have a customer service team?
  3. Do they offer a Live Trading Room service or something similar where you see them how they do it?

If you are a millionaire trader I guess you should at least have your own company registered in the US, Europe, Japan, Australia or elsewhere …where stock market trading is widespread.

There are no well performing “Trading” robots… algorithmic trading is widespread now but the robots are massive programs run on state-of-the-art platforms of huge Wall Street firms.

Reasonably priced quality trading education is not impossible to find.

Whether you want to trade or invest yourself or not  I think a few 100 dollars or pounds are well worth it to be educated about the stock market. The only thing that beats holding blue chip stocks bought at the right time is active trading with them. Day trading, end of day trading or swing trading can be very profitable if they are done right. This is why you need trading education but to master this profession you need to be actively involved.

And if you are a beginner trader you MUST start out by Paper Trading or Simulated Trading. Why loose money and the opportunity to reach your potential by careless and proud ignorance. No one was born with talent to trade. Success in this industry comes not so much with knowledge but discipline and practice!

Choosing the right course or service can dramatically shorten the learning curve.

As I mentioned great strategies are copyright protected and are very expensive. Wall Street pros are not selling their strategies. Most of them cannot sell them because they belong to the firms. You can possibly get one of those guys to mentor you… but they are not going to do “nursery” level with you. Few experts work hard to develop an extraordinary trading strategy and then copyright protect it because they have more than enough income from their trading activity and already heavily diversified into real estate and other assets…

Proprietary Trading at its best – a unique, winning strategy

To gain information about competition I have enrolled on a few properly priced trading courses and found a truly outstanding one.

The company is based in California, they are proprietary traders meaning they use their own capital to trade with. They are hugely profitable. They have a very proficient Costumer Service Team who you can call with any problem and also a Team of Market Experts who actively trade daily.

What`s most important though is the truly outstanding strategy they developed. The owner is not only a highly acclaimed expert in Trading Education but he is the Chief Trader as well whose father was a veteran in the markets… Together they have literally traded all the way through modern day stock market history to the present day high-tech era when market trading is no longer the privilege of professional or institutional traders and the super rich investors. He teaches Day Trading, Futures Trading, Swing Trading and has personally traded for decades with astonishing result.

After I did his Courses I decided I did not need to create an Educational Course myself. For his prices you can`t get this quality anywhere else and you will get his one of a kind copyright protected strategy.

The Introductory Course to his method

…has 5 videos that walk you clearly through some of the most powerful trading material I’ve ever seen … and it is completely free.

I personally took the course, loved it, and learned a lot from it. My trading will never be the same.