MongoDB and Alibaba Cloud Partner to Enable Easy Use of MongoDB-as-a-Service through Alibaba Cloud

The partnership will allow Alibaba Cloud customers to easily access advanced MongoDB features.

MongoDB Inc., a US software company developing and providing commercial support for the open source NoSQL database MongoDB, has entered into a partnership with Alibaba Cloud, a Chinese cloud computing company and subsidiary of Alibaba Group. The partnership will help MongoDB to provide its clients with an authorized MongoDB-as-a-service solution. On the other hand, Alibaba Cloud will benefit from the partnership as its customers gain the ability to use this managed solution from the Chinese company’s data centers globally. Alibaba Cloud customers will also benefit from the release of MongoDB 4.2. They will be able to take advantage of on-demand materialized views, wildcard indexes, client-side field-level encryption, and distributed transactions.

“MongoDB is a popular database globally, and with MongoDB’s latest Community and Enterprise Advanced edition running on our platform, our company is able to support a broad range of client needs from open source developers to enterprise IT teams of every size. Working with partners like MongoDB, combined with native data analytics capabilities of Alibaba Cloud, will be empowering our clients for generating more business insights from their everyday operations,” said President of Database Systems at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, VP of Alibaba Group, Feifei Li.

Alibaba Cloud to provide end-to-end support to customers using future and current MongoDB versions

“China is not only one of the largest database software markets, but there’s also been massive adoption of MongoDB in this market. In fact, the most downloads of MongoDB have been from China over the past four years, which reflects the worldwide popularity of the next-gen database platform of MongoDB. Now, clients of every size can access the only authorized MongoDB DBaaS solution in mainland China. Our company is excited for the partnership with Alibaba Cloud to enable customers to use MongoDB for transforming their businesses,” said CEO of MongoDB Inc., Dev Ittycheria.

Alibaba Cloud users will be able to easily access MongoDB’s latest features because of the partnership between the two companies. Furthermore, they will receive end-to-end support and management for future as well as current MongoDB versions.

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