My New Penny Stocks Pick: NWTR

Tomorrow’s Penny Stock Pick Is NWTR

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I spent time with my family and friends and realized (once again) what is truly important in life. Money comes and goes, and you can always make more, but you can never replace time with those closest to you. Let’s remember that. Looking forward, I know 2013 is going to be a fantastic year with some great alerts coming your way and some solid money-making opportunities.

Speaking of great alerts, let’s close 2012 with a bang and something extra special. This one is huge and I believe we have an incredible play at hand with my newest pick, NWTR.

I am issuing an immediate alert for New Western Energy Corporation (NWTR) which closed Wednesday at $0.73.

I have been following NWTR for a while and it jumped to the top of my watchlist recently as a combination of developments have begun drawing more attention to this company. There has been a sharp rise in trading volume as well as a steady increase in share price, which leads me to believe something huge is brewing. The technical setup is perfect and I believe many eyes will soon be on NWTR in the days ahead so I want you to have first shot at this unique opportunity.

Besides myself, I am issuing this alert along with one of my fellow newsletter colleagues over at penny stock watchman, but with no one else. So you are getting first dibs at this stock.

I would like to discuss two quick issues before diving into why I think NWTR is great.


The first issue concerns the share price. I know many of you like to play cheaper stocks in the pennies range and are often reluctant to dive in with stocks that trade in the $0.70s. Do not fear. This stock has a solid base at this price range and is going up almost daily. Sure you could buy a ton of shares of some crazy cheap stock at $0.02, have it close at $0.01 and there went half your money. Not happening here. The downside is minimal in my opinion.

The well-known research firm Zacks Equity Research announced on December 11 that it began covering NWTR and gave the stock an “outperform” rating and a price target of $1.30. You can see that Zacks press release here and their complete research report on why they think NWTR will move by clicking here. This last Friday, Zacks upgraded its assessment of NWTR with a $1.40 price target. That new report is here.

By the manner the stock is trading it’s clear to me the float is tightly held and any buying sends NWTR to the races. Zacks may well be underestimating what the stock can do.

The other issue I want to talk about is that most penny stock alerts are pure momo lightening plays: you get at the open and hope and pray to get out within 30 minutes to a few hours with a profit. These plays are not even daytrades but more like hourtrades or minutetrades. While I believe you could make a few points daytrading NWTR I think it’s true magic will reveal itself over the next several days and weeks. This is a real multi-day or even multi-week play, which nowadays is rare in the penny stocks world. And it’s a play that I realistically believe could return 100%, if not more.

So, I think the upside is great and the downside is minimal.

For those of you who like technical analysis, StockTA, one of the leading analysis sites on the web gives NWTR a “bullish” rating.

I like oil and energy plays, and there are plenty of American oil stocks to tickle your fancy but you don’t find many start-ups that are making the type of progress NWTR has been reporting. On Dec 21, the company announced the acquisition of 300 acres known as the Fields Lease in Chautauqua County, Kansas. This property is contiguous to the land held in the company’s B&W Ranch Lease and Smith Lease, areas well known for oil production. This strategic acquisition brings the company’s combined leashold area in Kansas to more than 2,500 acres. This acquisition is estimated to bring about 1.6 million barrels of oil to the company reserves.

Additionally, NWTR upped the ante when they announced the first phase in an ambitious Oklahoma development; add another estimated 287,000 barrels to this party.

For further information on NWTR, including its other operations in the legendary Marcellus Shale Formation in Pennsylvannia head over to the company website at

As foreign oil gets tougher to produce and protect, you could do a lot worse than maintain a “friendly relationship” with NWTR.

The action here is just beginning and I want everyone to be prepared to benefit from this favorable situation. As I mentioned above the stock is tight, starting to generate interest and is moving up accordingly. We are at the beginning here. Remember this is a multiday play, so if you are one of those who likes to wait and see what happens after one of my alerts, that’s fine, but don’t forget I am alerting NWTR now, not later.

I answer all email so reach out if you have any questions to

Given the risk/reward ratio, I think NWTR will be one of the best alerts I have issued.

All the best always!